Title: Cycling and designing for cyclists in Germany: Road safety, guidelines and research.
Authors: Schreck, Benjamin
Document Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Add. Document Type: Elektronisches Dokument
Language: englisch
Language of Summary: englisch
Journal: Transactions on Transport Sciences
Publisher Country: Tschechien
Publisher Location: Olomouc
Publisher: Palacký University
Issue Date: 2017
Volume: 8
Issue: Nr. 1
Page(s): S. 44-57
Features: Abb.; Lit.
ISSN: 1802-9876
Abstract: Cycling is considered a social, eco-friendly, pollution-free, low noise and healthy activity and mode of transportation. The socially and politically desired increase of attractiveness and promotion of cycle traffic is expected to shift the modal split towards non-motorized traffic. This could contribute towards a more environment-friendly mobility. There are currently around 70 million bicycles including 2.5 million electrically assisted bicycles (pedelecs) in Germany. This number is expected to increase in the near future with greater use of electromotive assisted bicycles. The changes in cycle use, the increasing use of electrically assisted cycles and raised specific requirements e.g. on quality of traffic flow will require modifications to infrastructure in terms of cycle planning, cycle conception, road construction and maintenance. This article presents an overview and selected current topics in the field of road safety based on German national accident statistics. The data will be compared with the accident statistics of other European countries. In this context of high accident numbers, high accident severity, and the rising share of bicycle accidents, it will be necessary to initiate further and more effective interdisciplinary research activities. Otherwise the development of cycling safety might become decoupled from the positive improvements in overall traffic safety. Following a general summary of guidelines for road design and cycling facilities, this article shows the development of interdisciplinary research activities and offers an extract of the current and completed cyclist safety research projects in the areas of behaviour, infrastructure, safety equipment and vehicle technology in Germany.
Deskriptors: Individualverkehr
Free Terms: Pedelec
Covered Region(s): Deutschland, Bundesrepublik
DOI: 10.5507/tots.2017.007
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